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Aaqil Abdullah, working under the name Cassidini, is a composer, a musician, and above all an artist working through the medium of sound. He equally enjoys finding the limits of what sounds instruments can naturally produce and splicing together field recordings to make something entirely new. He is always looking forward to the next collaborative opportunity to bring any film, game, or other form of media to life.

When not composing you can find Aaqil snapping pictures with his DSLR, experimenting with new recipes at the stove, or diving into his studies to learn a new skill.


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My most recent film project is the silent horror short film Wheel Inferno. It was written and directed by IU students Zachary Cook and Tucker Piedmont, while I composed the original score. The story is a take on the Greek myth of Sisyphus revolving around two characters, Lady Sisyphus and Hubris. To craft the atmosphere for the film I took advantage of on-set objects such as bowls and paint brushes to make a variety of field recordings, while also taking inspiration from the original myth, crafting a feeling of dread that feels cyclical and never-ending.



Leap of Faith 2: Ballue's Gravity Grind is a game developed by Team Spring Ball for the 2020 GMTK Game Jam. You play as the main character Ballue swinging around 5 randomly generated levels with a grappling hook tail as you attempt to collect batteries, all the while the gravity's direction keeps changing. To match the pixel art aesthetic I crafted a score that would feel at home on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This involved sampling instruments, creating loops, bitcrushing to SNES specifications, and using a maximum of 8 audio channels.

Download and play the game here!


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Creating Instruments from Existing Audio:
Stay with You

Each of the four stems; keyboard/pad, drums, bass, and solo guitar, were made by splicing and editing clips from a vocal performance. The keyboard was made using a single wave cycle of the singer’s voice, the pad and bass from a longer echo, the guitar made from heavily distorting the voice, and the drums from pitch shifting and EQ’ing certain words.

Stay with You - Full Song

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Stay with You - Stems

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Sound Synthesis with Convolution:
Stringed Horns

A string patch made to sound more like brass by using convolution. An EQ match plugin was used to get the sonic signature of French horns and calculate the difference between the signature of the string patch. The resulting EQ curve was then exported as an impulse response and used to alter the sound of the strings to give them a more brassy resonance.

Stringed Horns Audio

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